Scaffolding Designs Are Important In Construction

Published On: 12th February 2013


Scaffolding engineering companies are in the business of designing scaffolds that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of their clients. Scaffolding is particularly important in building construction, as it enables the workers to effectively carry out a variety of functions like painting, cleaning, and repairs among others. It offers flexibility and safety while moving and performing the various construction-related duties. Scaffold structures are mostly made of steel or timber. There are various types of scaffolding designs, which can be tailored to fit the diverse kinds of buildings irrespective of their height or shape. Below are some common types of designs that are offered by scaffolding engineering firms.

Independent or Birdcage Scaffold Design

This type of scaffold is constructed together with a building. It has rows of standards or vertical poles that are connected by horizontal ledgers or pieces and transoms. Since an independent scaffold has uprights or standards on the sides of the working platforms, it is able to remain upright without any support from the structure or building under repair or construction. However, extra support can be provided by tying or securing the scaffold to the construction building at different intervals. This type of scaffold is designed to be used on one level only, like in ceiling jobs.

Single Pole Scaffold Design

This scaffold design features one row of standards or poles. A single pole scaffold depends on the structure under construction or repair for much-needed support.

Mobile Scaffold

This is a kind of independent freestanding scaffolding engineering design. The scaffold is mounted on wheels or castors that swivel. This allows the structures to be moved around easily from one place to another.

Swingstage or Suspended Scaffold Design

This type of scaffold design has a free hanging or suspended platform that can either be lowered or raised. This design is commonly used to clean the outer parts of windows on tower blocks or high-rises.

Hanging Bracket Scaffold Design

This scaffolding design has a somewhat complex framework made of horizontal components that are held up or supported by the building’s floor or other structures under repair or construction. Hanging bracket scaffolds must be designed by a professional engineer, as part of their construction involves load testing among other safety checks.