RASTO Concrete Shuttering

The Cost-Effective Concrete Shuttering System.

Downloadable RASTO Shuttering Information

An introduction to RASTO

All of the panels belonging to the Rasto concrete shuttering system are so light and handy that they can be comfortably handled and fitted by a maximum of two people, plus they come with many labour saving features, including:

Strengths of the RASTO System:


  • Lightweight
  • No need for a crane
  • Easy handling
  • Strong joints
  • Heavy duty design
  • High concrete pressures
  • Many practical details

Strong Enough for Lifting via Crane

Every single panel of the rasto concrete shuttering system is designed for heavy-duty construction site conditions.  They are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, with a 5 kg facing in the case of the 75cm wide panel.  A hard-wearing material which, in the unlikely even of damage, can also be repaired on the spot.

Thanks to its 12cm thick frame and tough profiles and corner reinforcements, the design has sufficient inherent rigidity to cope with concrete pressures of 60 kN/m2.  The panel joint with the RASTO clamp is so firm that large-area multi-panel units can be moved by crane without additional stiffening.

The concrete shutter surface is given optimum protection by the all-round steel frame and plastic plugs for the tie holes.  The handling of panels weighing a maximum of 60kg is made additionally easier by their symmetrical design and cross profiles with grip holes.

For a more detailed guide on the advantages RASTO shuttering can have, you can download our brochure here