Manto Concrete Shuttering

Shuttering Steps Yield Savings of Time & Money.

Downloadable Introduction To Manto Concrete Shuttering

An Introduction To Manto

Ever since its introduction, MANTO’s giant frame formwork has been a winner.  The reason: it’s a truly universal formwork system for all jobs, especially the larger housing and industrial projects.  Even more important, it is a system that simplifies and speeds up the work and therefore offers even more economical advantages.


The Aligning Panel Clamp – a Vast Asset

The cutting-edge improvement by which MANTO beats all other formwork systems is the aligning panel clamp.  It connects the panels in one cycle and makes sure they are flush mounted, aligned, tension resistant and jolt-proof.  In this way, large-area erection, concrete shuttering, moving and setting down of height extended elements are made possible with one lift of the crane without requiring any additional bracing. You can easily work out how this squeezes shuttering times and costs.


Available at a Height of 3.30m For Industrial Construction Use.

For industrial construction, MANTO also offers options in the form of the 3.30m high panel.  All the advantages of MANTO formwork are also significant features on the 3.30m high panel range that is, of course, fully compatible with the existing parts.  All-in-all, a successful addition to a winning line up.  MANTO is moving construction work a giant step further.


MANTO’s Advantages

  • Comprehensive panel assortments up to heights of 3.30m.
  • Telescopic panels for stepless adjustment
  • Sturdy connection by means of aligning panel clamps
  • 40m2 can be crane-shifted in one go.  No additional bracings.
  • Frame height 14cm: strong bending resistance
  • Easier stripping of inner corners
  • Easier handling
  • Longer life through hot-dip galvanization.

For a more detailed guide on MANTO; download our brochure here