Firms challenged to beat Scaffolding world record

Published On: 20th November 2012

A Glasgow-based construction firm has laid down the gauntlet to fellow industry competitors to beat a 17-year old world record for assembling scaffolding.

Turner Access created a Guinness World Record in 1995 when they erected a 100sqm scaffolding structure in just 26 minutes and now the company are inviting challengers to beat their long-standing accomplishment.

Completing such work would usually take anywhere up to 16 hours but two scaffolders defied the odds almost two decades ago to significantly reduce the standard construction time.

Gary Gallacher, Turner Access’ managing director, claims that the success of this year’s London Olympic Games has been the inspiration behind the renewed attempt to beat the existing scaffolding record.

“We arranged this competition in connection with Guinness, to see how long it would take our scaffolders to build it up,” he told STV.

“We erected our [1995] 100sqm structure in around 20mins that would usually take 16 man hours.

“The only problem was that back then there wasn’t the same stringent need for harnesses as there is now so, in the spirit of the Olympics we’re going to do it again this year.”

The new competition has also been prompted by changes in the regulations of scaffold building. In 1995, the challengers were allowed to arrange the scaffolding without considering certain health and safety procedures that are compulsory today.